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moving journals

June 22nd, 2008 (07:14 pm)

Hey! It's been a while, ahahah......

I'm moving eljay journals. For reasons too complex and selfish to really get into, but the basics are simply because I want to slowly sever ties with the name 'elsiey'. *shrugs* The new journal is horsduciel and while it's quite empty right now, I promise there will be plenty of fics and reviews and rabbles there later. XD

As for my Socrpius/Rose fic, I'm rewriting 'Crossroads' and it'll be uploaded on my new journal. I promise an update on that by this Saturday. There, it's in writing. Now I can't skirt away from my duty. XD;;;; Any other fics are basically abandoned.

So yes, the new journal is horsduciel~ Feel free to add me there, etc etc.


Posted by: biyicard (biyicard)
Posted at: April 13th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)

Thanks for your share! very impressive!

Posted by: ceyuruse (ceyuruse)
Posted at: April 13th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)

Great site, very impressive.

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