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Ciel [userpic]

In which I ramble about 21, and the Greatness of Card Counting

March 12th, 2008 (08:19 pm)

current mood: excited

Okay, I’ve basically been really hyped about the 21 movie since I saw the trailer a couple months ago while watching the previews for Cloverfield, and knowing that it’s coming out this month, in less than twenty days, I couldn’t bear it any more and ransacked YouTube.Com to see if there was any more extra features for 21.

Unfortunately, I found no more extras on the film 21. But! I have found a documentary called MIT’s Breaking Vegas, which is based off another book by the guy who wrote Bringing Down the House (the book 21 is based on) and devoured it like nothing else.

*.* Card Counting. Is. So. Cool!

Okay, basically what Card Counting is… A surefire way of winning Blackjack, without cheating. Argh, I can’t talk about Card Counting without blabbering like an idiot. (I –think- about Card Counting with actually capital letters in my head, you gusy.) I just. The whole concept is so amazing! That the smart math guy, if he trains hard enough, can own the casino. You don’t need to bribe, trick anyone, anything. You just need to be math smart! I was completely enthralled with the idea.

It has Smart People Taking Down Las Vegas, heavy partay-ing, and good, wholesome fun. And it has Aaron Yoo, whom I think is verrrrrry hot, but, ahem, minor point. Ahahah. And it’s coming out March 28th! (Yes, I will be watching this opening day, and dragging all the friends I can grab my hands on before they run away from me after seeing the maniacal gleam in my eyes.) Watch the trailer. Watch MIT’s Breaking Vegas. Most importantly, WATCH THE MOVIE!! WATCH IT ON OPENING DAY, WEEKEND, WHATEVER!!

You’ll never think of Blackjack the same way again.