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Ciel [userpic]

First Impressions of Gonzo's Tower of Druaga and BLASSREITER

April 6th, 2008 (11:36 am)

So, for those who are out of the loop in the anime business world, Gonzo, a Japanese animation company, has decided to release two of their new anime titles Tower of Druaga and BLASSREITER on the worldwide web with subtitles for international viewing! Of course, that basically means that I have to watch these two anime titles now, just to relish the feeling of being able to watch these shows online, and it'll be totally legal! I put aside all my qualms over watching an anime based off some game (I usually never watch those types of anime shows, 'cause they always seem to be bad) or an anime that takes about fusing with motorcycles and no plot revelation in their synopsis, in favour of Gonzo's beautiful gesture towards their international audience.

However, that doesn't mean I walk into these shows with high expectations. I simply decided to sit through both of the first episodes, albeit with very low expectations since these types of shows aren't exactly my cup of tea, and give them all a shot.

I was actually plesantly surprised, especially with Tower of Druaga. ToD proved to be a wild card. First, you think that it's gonna be one of those anime shows that takes itself really seriously, adapting faithfully from the game. Then cue in the OP, which gave the impression that the show would be more of a .hack// flavour, boucing between gamers playing and their real life situations. Then jump to the actual episode, which was a hilarious parody of like, basically EVERYTHING, from Star Wars, to character death to Gurren Lagaan. The episode left me highly amused, and I look forward to the next episode. From the first episode, it proved to be a show that doesn't quite follow conventions, and I'm all for that. The direction this anime will take is completely up in the air, and I shall be optimistic about the next few episodes, which will either break or make this series. XD

As for BLASSREITER, it wasn't exactly ground-breaking or anything. Basically, we meet this guy we hardly know, and he is an ex-racer who lost a leg, and it's just in general about his fall from fame, and etc. Emo ensues. He wants his legs, his life back, etc etc. Then, cue in mysterious lady with huge boobs giving him a pill and told him that basically with this, he'll get his legs back but with various side effect, and does he want it? (I was reminded of Matrix and the whole "rabbit hole" deal.) Of course he takes it, and he kinda morphs into this monster like thing... Well, to be perfectly honest, I have a soft spot for the whole deal-with-the-devil type of stories, and there is the possible potential of the story becoming really interesting, how this monster drug will effect his life, preferably in one of those very awful ways with horrible consequences. I'm less enthused about BLASSREITER than compare to TOD, but I'm still willing to sit through another episode or two to determine whether or not it's worth following.

I'm crossing my fingers here and hoping that I will come to truly like one of these shows. I'm so so happy that Gonzo is doing this, and I really want to support them by liking one of these shows they're releasing so I can happily by their DVDs and, if it all goes well, cause a Domino effect in other Japanese companies to follow suit. XD