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Ciel [userpic]

Review of Jason Long's Offensive Fouls

April 10th, 2008 (05:20 pm)

So, last Thursday, my class was invited to see a play performed at our school called Offensive Fouls. I was tempted to skip because I had assignments that were unfinished that I had to hand in two periods later, and watching these plays always seemed like a waste of time, because they were usually dull and preachy, and I couldn't recall a single moment in my life when I watched a play performed in school that I actually liked. (Well, there was this one time when in the play, the girls had a huge catfight where the girl pulled out the other girl's fake hair and the other girl turned out to be bold... Sadly, I remember nothing else about it.)

I would have skipped that class if I could, but unfortunately I was lured into the classroom before I realized that they were putting on a play and by the time I noticed, the teachers bared the doors, convincing me that they were the spawns of the devil and loved to watch us students suffer.

However! I am actually glad I stayed. The play was excellent.

So, basically, it was about a guy with some Irish heritage and a Chinese girl who were teenagers in love. It was their anniversary, and as the story unfolds, we learn of the boy's action last night towards a Chinese immigrant and when the girl confronts him about that night, issues about both families, their cultural values, and the little relationship things that bothered the two teens finally blew up, and they were forced to face each other's differences and the truth.

What I liked about this play was that it wasn't preachy in the slightest. It took on the questioning approach, throwing questions that didn't have a defined right or wrong answer to them at the audience, and witholding the answers so that the audience can come up with their own thoughts. And I'm glad that Long made it so that it wasn't like, the Irish boy was completely in the wrong, and the Chinese gal was placed up there in the altar. They both have their share of faults and fears, and we can see that. Playing the story this was stops us from placing judgement on the characters, and simply allows us to see them as real teenagers with real teenager relatioinship problems. I loved the ending. It was quiet, a large contrast to the huge explosive fight the couple had going on, and the silence of questions unanswered could be heard. I was charmed.

The play was staged in an interesting format that I believe is called all-around stage? ^^; Well, whatever it is, it allows the audience to sit at any angle around the stage and still see what is going on. I liked it, and it was placed in such a way that it felt like we were in the same room as this couple having their fight, with them all the way.

I love the chemistry between the two leads too. Through this confrontation, we can see how cute they are together, their love for one another, how stupidly in love the guy is around her, trying to be all big to impress the girl and in the end, just making a fool of himself. How the girl tries to get mad at him, but has that soft look on her face when she watches him trying so hard to impress him, how sweet he is. It's cute, and sweet, and coloured with a taste of bitterness, and I really want the two back together after this huge mess. There was a discussion about this after the play was over, and, well, I know things are messy right now and of course they're broken up after this fight. I can't see them coming back together the next day or whatever. But, you know, I want them to be able to go beyond these barriers, become stronger and show everyone that their love for one another can leap through those racial and family disapproval that greets them. I'm an idealist, I know, but, I'm fond of happy endings. XD;;