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Ciel [userpic]

Movies of April 18: Forbidden Kindgom, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc.

April 27th, 2008 (09:41 pm)

So, I've been movie watching this month. I remember the weekend of April 18, where I briefly struggled between choosing Forbidden Kingdom or Forgetting Sarah Marshall as the movie to watch on the opening weekend. In the end, Forbidden Kingdom won out, because Jackie Chan + Jet Li = Epic, and the friend I was going with that particular weekend to watch movies just ain't a fan of romantic comedy. However, since I'm a devoted Veronica Mars fan, I just had to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I watched it on the second weekend instead. Now, I shall give my thoughts on the two movies

Forbidden Kingdom - Alright, this movie gets zero points for plot creativity. I mean, New York white guy gets sucked into the magical world of Ancient China, finds out he's boy of prophecy and has to return magical object to so-and-so, blah blah blah, we've seen it already, big deal. And I give it negative a million for the romance. Too forced, too fake, and the ending made me watch to dash my brains out. And, why is it always the white guy that gets the girl? Seriously? Whatever, I try to tell myself it could have been worse, but it still doesn't make me feel much better.

What saved this movie? The thing that drew me into this movie in the first place: Jackie Chan and Jet Li FIGHT SCENES!! Anyone who grew up watching Hong Kong Kung Fu movies would have probably killed for this day to happen. Also, Jackie Chan rocked as the drunken master. All the times I ever laughed in this movie, was all because of him. Jackie Chan (especially) and Jet Li made this otherwise mediocre movie into a B rated movie. And, a cameo appearance of the White Haird Demoness. She rox my sox.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Friggin' brilliant. Hilarious, raunchy and all around, good time fun. The romance was sweet without being melodramatic, and I even found all the sexual jokes hilarious. Tasteless in many ways, but damn, they were funny. And the Dracula rock puppet opera? PWNS MY SOUL!!! One thing that I really liked about this show was that the ex wasn't like, evil, and the dumped wasn't perfect either. Both contributed to the fallout, and all four characters in the love square were fully developed and cool in their own way. My favourite is actually Aldous Snow. Sex maniac and quite pretentious, but actually pretty decent to others and outrageously funny. I came out of the movie fully convinced that Aldous/Sarah could have totally worked post-movie. But then again, I might have been the rare, weird ones who thought this. ^^;; Brilliant movie, deserving a smacking A+++ and should have definitely gotten #1 in the box office,, but ah well.

And, I wish I could watch Pathology (WHY, for the Love of God, is it not airing in Canada?! WHY?!) and want to watch Then She Found Me, 'cause it has Colin Firth aka Mr. Darcy from the BBC 1995 version.