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Ciel [userpic]

Manwha Review: Peppermint by Eun-Jin Seo

May 18th, 2008 (06:37 pm)

I've seen the manwha lying around before, but I never went into it 'cause I read the summary (which goes something along the lines of--fangirl is like, totally in love with this idol who goes to her school!! but likes, this other dude, keeps coming into my life and interfering with my moments with said idol crush!! love triangle of the century, bitches!! *insert bad grammar along with this summary, etc) and usually avoid it like a plague.

However, I quickly changed my mind when I saw the $4.99 sticker slapped on it, and eyed it with more curiousity. My curiousity reached its peak when there was an EXTRA 30% off on the $4.99.

Never let it be said that I'm not a shameless cheapskate. Those who say so clearly don't know me at all.

Okay, but I'm not so desperate to buy myself crappy comics, no matter how incredibly cheap it was. (Note: This is a NEW copy, from like, a well-establish, mainstream bookstore. Therefore, it ain't a second-hand copy with pages falling apart. It is actually a brand new hardcopy with no blemishes whatsoever.) So I decided to give the first chapter a chance and if it wasn't too repulsive, I could consider. (I could totally resist the price tag if it was going to be a crappy manhwa!! No matter how cheap Threads of Time gets, I'll never buy it. And that had the exact same $4.99 deal as well, so I'm not all talk.)

You guys, I didn't realize my true love came in the form of a short elementary grade-schooler cruisin' around in a skateboard, honest to a fault and always ends up insulting others without so much as noticing or caring, completely insensitive to other people's thoughts and feelings, a total selfish brat who sees people for who they are and loves one girl forever and ever, like a dog with a bone that just won't let go, until I read this manwha. I really, really didn't. I was charmed despite his small stature, his immature ways, his complete lack of understanding of a girl's feelings, his rude yet honest way of speaking, etc etc. 'cause he's just so sweet and innocent in a bratty kind of way, and the way he is so totally all over Hey and tries his best to be the best guy for her, even though he may not get things right all the time, and say the wrong most of the time, and he's such a good guy in the end that I can't help but love him. Call me a cradle robber, I don't give a damn. Eo is the sweetest thing ever and it was out of my love for him (and the beautiful price tag on this manwha) that made me buy it.

Having said that, I'm not saying that this manwha is perfect or anything. First of all, the artwork was mediocre, and the panelling was really awkward in all sorts of places. The whole Hey-being bullied-'cause-she-managed-to-get-the-attention-of-both-Eo-and-Idol-Dude was borderlining on ridiculous, and the fact that Eo breaks out into hives whenever he touches a girl was also fantastical to a fault, but that all just fell away next to my love for Eo and his ways. I like the fact that the Idol *doesn't* become interested in Hey beyound 'oh, she's a nice girl who helps me out in my script once in a while', and how Hey isn't perfect in the slightest. There were clearly many girls who were much prettier than her, and she's totally high-strung and naive, and Eo sees all this but loves her all the same!! I love the romance between Eo and Hey, how they totally misunderstand each other and everything, but the manwhaga tells the story in such a way that you believe that the two are actually in love with each other, and not like Eo-likes-Hey-because-he-doesn't-break-out-into-hives-near-her (I hate romance stories like that, where dude falls in love with girl 'cause she was immune to blah blah crap, or whatever. 'side, Eo WAS having allergic reactions around her too at first, but it gradually faded away as they hanged out more often and Eo started to care about her) or Hey-uses-Eo-as-Idol's-replacement (you can feel her falling in love with him as she watches him do things for her, in a natural kind of way, and her thinking about Ez, the idol, less and less). You get this story where two very flawed people who didn't like each other at first slowly falling for each other, with the guy falling in love first, and the girl later, and it turns out to be this sweet story of first true love and yeah.

So, in short, what drove this story was the amazing coolness of Eo, and how the Eo/Hey ship sorted itself out. Of course, the relationship could have done with a lot less drama from the competing 'love interests', but I'm not going to complain when the story is told in such a way that it managed to convince me that they were actually like, in love in love with one another. It wasn't the best manwha I've ever read, but it was worth buying the first volume for the price it was given, and I like Eun-Jin Seo's way of charecterization and storytelling (like, honestly, she managed to tell a storyline that I usually hate and make it into something that I actually got fond of. That takes skill), and I got a glimpse of her new work Fantamir. Seo-nim improved her art quite a bit and the panelling isn't so awkward anymore, plus, Mir is an awesome female lead, what with her fighting skills and headstrong ways, but naive enough to be taken advantage of fairly easily, so she's not too badass-like, AND, it has fantasy and school setting mixed together and I love this genre so I'm putting Eun-Jin Seo on my to-look-out-for radar list and have high expectations of Fantamir


Posted by: booksnchocolate (booksnchocolate)
Posted at: May 25th, 2008 11:17 pm (UTC)

So um. This will be random, but: I noticed in your userinfo that you were planning on reading Terry Pratchett's Sourcery and Markus Zusak's The Book Thief .


And also that The Book Thief is one of my favourite books EVER in the history of the world! It's SO GOOD. No more, for fear of spoilers. BUT SO GOOD, OMFG. READ IT.

...yeah. Hi.

Posted by: Ciel (elsiey)
Posted at: May 25th, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)

!! HI~!!!

YEAH I READ MORT!! OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH THAT I WENT AND BOUGHT IT WITH MY OWN MONEY, NO DISCOUNTS WHATSOEVER!! ♥♥ I love Death. So, so much, especially that time when he tried to play that card game and phailed so miserably. I'm slowly trekking through the Discworld series...

My love for Mort got me rampaging for all books narrated by Death. So of course I will read it The Book Thief in the future. XDD

Have yet to read Good Omens. The plan is to finish Discworld first. (Which will make up the most of my summer readings, ahaha).

Posted by: booksnchocolate (booksnchocolate)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 01:57 am (UTC)


Eeee! I too am working my way through the Discworld series. It's exciting! But definitely once you're done, you absolutely must read Good Omens. It is hilarious and witty and involves Death. What's not to love?

Posted by: Ciel (elsiey)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)


Good Omens involves Death, you say? Oh man, must get through Discworld faster!!

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