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Ciel [userpic]

A little update of sorts

March 9th, 2008 (02:24 pm)

So, I haven't been around for a month. If it weren't for the March Break and the fact that it snowed so badly that I can't leave my driveway (Where, oh where is the snow plough when you need it?) my update might have taken longer, ahaha...

So, as a fair warning, the first chapter for Crossroads is coming down. Why? Because in my new semester, I had Writer's Craft and after a couple grueling weeks in the course, I realized that the first chapter was horrendous. I kept on describing things and never really showing through my words. It ended up sounding more like a long rant, and every time I look at it I find myself wincing. I decided that I'm going to pull the first chapter down and fix it up. Plus, I'm afraid my plans for the seven years in Hogwarts isn't quite organized, in light of new spontaneous characters appearing out of nowhere (Yeah, Susie just kind of appeared and now I'm thinking of integrating her more into the plot, and this huge cast started forming when I waded deeper into the story...) so when I have at least the layout for first year planned, I'll post two chapters or more at once. Sometime in April, on my honour, etc.

Just to be clear, Crossroads is still WIP. It's just really rough around the edges and needs fine tuning.

And I may change the title, 'cause I'm not too happy with it and I don't feel it embodies the gist of the story very well.

In the meantime, I'll still be posting reviews 'cause I've been reading/watching books/movies/tv shows like a woman dying of thirst crawling through the desert and spotted and godsent well brimful of water, and I like ranting about things I like in general. XD

And, erm, I may be eating my words after this, but I'm working on original work as well... Um, juggling between two novel concepts and writing them both at once to see which one pans out the nicest. No, I won't be posting them, but that may slow down my fanfic-age. And (oh god, I'm gonna regret saying this, I just know it.) due to arguments in support of the use of comic books (NOT superhero stories. More like, graphic novels, but I hate that term, and only use it 'cause I have yet to think of a better substitution for it.) I erm, am slowly drawing out a comic like thing... It may not work, and will collapse around my ears, but I am fired by my passion in support of the comic book format and feel the need to promote it further than just mere positive revies for the various comics of many genres/countries I love. (This, if I ever go through with it all the way, WILL be posted online, so... Yeah.) Expect an essay *coughRant* about the greatness of Manga/Comics/Graphic Novels sometime in the future. XD

That's all... Oh! And Review of some sorts will be up sometime today. XD

Ciel [userpic]

Impressions of Girl Queen aka Little Queen

February 7th, 2008 (02:04 pm)

Bought the first volume of this amazing manhwa series last week! For $4.99!!! <333 Oh gawd, what a steal, what a find~ *congratulates self* XD

Little Queen is, hands down, my favourite manhwa series. More than Forest of Gray City (which I'm actually really fond of, but no. Little Queen FTW.), more than Goong (the most popular manhwa out there, it seems.), more than The Demon Diary (liked first two or three volumes... The rest kind of fell short on me. ^^; ), more than any other popular manhwa out there at the moment. Little Queen is the best. Why? June, June, June~~ Oh man, that girl owns my soul. Okay, so, our first introduction to her: they are in some snowy remote area near a cliff, and June is looking down on a guy hanging on to dear life at the edge of the cliff. The guy, Sejuru, begs for help, resulting in June calling him a wuss and he can pull himself up. But wait! That's not all!! Sejuru complains that it's hard to do so because someone's hanging on to his foot. And, June's solution? I quote "Throw away what you don't need!!" <33333 Isn't she such a darling~?

I love how she's all like 'Sejuru! My boytoy to abuse and torture!', and only starts becoming interested in becoming Queen when Lucia wanted to have him. And how she got distracted from her mission by the sight of all the treasure and gold and sparkly things!! <3 And and, when a judge vows that he will never let June become Queen, does she suck up to him? NO! SHE ATTACKS HIM INSTEAD!! Ah June, so violent, so strong, such will power... And, and, SHE BLEW UP COOKIE DOUGH!! PWNED THAT JOINT!!!

I love the world building the manhwaga has going on here. (I'll admit, I have a soft spot for fantasy, to the dismay of my Lit teacher.) And the whole demon thing and Darkness vs. Light... It's not so simple as Light = Good or Dark = Evil. The one's of 'light' like June are hardly fit to be called a good person, and the dark ones, 'Sejuru', is the sweetest guy around. And the mysterious role of the Queen of Light... It's pretty cool, and I've always had a soft spot for fantasy and larger-than-life characters.

And I'm rooting for all my heart that June becomes Queen. Because she's strong, and she doesn't give up on those she cherishes, and she has this childlike ideal underneath all her uncouth ways and horrible attitude... A dream so beautiful, and willing to fight to get what she wants. She just HAS to be Queen. The world will be far more interesting that way. Lucia? Good personality, looks, always calm and respectful... And just doesn't have the same vigour as June. For all her good qualities, she's just not as strong-willed as June. I can see Lucia falling apart when she messes up on something and blaming herself, whereas June would prove to us again and again that even though she messes up too many times to count, she'll get back up again, still fighting for that one precious thing: for her and Sejuru to be together forever and ever and ever.

I liked the placement of the panels, and the art has its own unique style, skinny figures and detailed hair. I like Yeon-Joo Kim's style a lot, and planning on getting the whole series once the last volume comes out in English. Hopefully the ending doesn't disappoint!!

Ciel [userpic]

Thoughts on Shanghai Kiss

February 3rd, 2008 (12:09 am)

I'm afraid I bare no ficcage today. However! I have movie review to share. XD

Watched this over at a sleepover a couple nights ago, and figured I’d post up my thoughts on this movie. Let’s give a quick overview of the story, à la Wikipedia, for it is always True:

Liam Liu (Ken Leung), a Chinese American actor living in Los Angeles unwittingly gets involved with a high school girl. He suddenly has to go to China after learning from his father that he has inherited his grandmother's home in Shanghai. He's not being appreciative of his Chinese roots and at first only wants to sell the house and get back to the U.S. as fast as possible. He gets a taste of the Chinese culture after meeting a girl there and ends up having some big decisions to make.

This movie is a highly character-driven one, with an extremely flawed protagonist, who doesn’t always do the right thing at first, but ends up coming out alright in the end. In the movie, Liam does things that society may frown upon, such as him being attached to a minor, and treats his father and Ady, the high school girl played by Hayden Panetierre, horribly. However, the movie never lets the audience hate him completely, because he’s quirky and fun, and completely cute around Ady, and we always understand his mental anguish: his attachment to Ady that he tries desperately to deny for a large portion of the movie, his conflicted emotions of being a ‘Chinese’ and an ‘American’, and his anger towards his father. We always understand this, and, no matter how many stupid things he may do, we always find it awfully hard to hate him for it, ‘cause we understand.

One thing I really love about this movie is the way it handles all these issues Liam has in a totally non-preachy style. It’s not trying to make a Statement on blah blah blah social issue, nor is it passing Judgment on anything. The movie does not let social issues take the front stage. Instead they simply portray them as simple problems that Liam just has to deal with, and we don’t get any long, whiny soliloquies explaining us his thoughts, but rather we can simply see it by the way he reacts and responds to the people and world around him. The movie is telling us a story about this guy’s life, nothing more, nothing less. I like that, and I thought the actor, Ken Leung, did an amazing and very convincing job in portraying his role.

The combination of these things makes Liam a very personable character. We may get frustrated at him, laugh with him, and despair at his actions, but we can never truly hate him, as Ady commented on when Liam came running back. It’s too hard for the audience to hate him, because we really begin to understand him, and he’s not a bad person. Throughout the movie we see Liam making choices, some good, some bad, but there were always reasons behind it and in the end, we cannot judge. SpoilersCollapse ) All we can do, as we watch the credits roll by, is to wish him luck, and hope that everything works out for him in the end.

My advice? If you’re into character-driven movies, and sick of seeing movies where it’s all about the Social Issue, and trying to pass a Morale or Statement thing, with some awesome acting from the cast as a bonus, Shanghai Kiss may be just the movie for you. XD

Ciel [userpic]

Book Review: Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell

January 31st, 2008 (09:51 pm)

current mood: chipper

Alright, for those who don’t know me on a personal, real-life level, I would like to inform you right now that I’m a cheapskate. I don’t spend money on things when I can get them for free or borrow off someone else, or unless I can get them at really low, discount prices. And when I say low, it’s the two to five dollar range kind of low. No double digits, etc.

So when I decide to buy a book that only recently came out and thus, no paperback issue as of yet, with absolutely no discount on it whatever, with my own money that I didn’t somehow get my hands on from somewhere else (Not that I steal or anything… Ahahah.) then my friends can come up with the conclusion that a) I have gone completely bonkers b) there was an alien invasion and I’m just a poser or c) it’s the end of the world. And I wouldn’t blame them for it. I hardly believe I went and bought a twenty-over dollars hardcover book without so much as blinking an eyelash myself. (Okay, so I cried a little inside when I forked over that twenty dollar bill… Ah, technicalities.)

Did I read it beforehand and checked to see it was any good and/or worth my money? Did I at least check the reviews for this book before I went and spent my money on it? Nope, and nope. Did I even know the author before my eyes fell upon said book? Definitely nope.

Then, you might think, what-on-earth-possessed-you-to-buy-that-book????

It’s simple. One word: Malaysia. M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A. Malaaaaaaaysiaaaa.

I can do this forever.

Seriously, when was the last time you came across a novel that was set in Malaysia anywhere within the story? I sure as heck can’t remember any. (Know one? Just name it and I’ll buy it.)

Note: I was born in Malaysia, though quickly immigrated a year or two later. Still get the chance to visit every odd summer. It is gorgeous there, beautiful night markets and holds the best cuisine in the world. If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out on life!! (That may explain my bias a bit. Just a little.)

And thus, I bought it, and devoured it all within one night.

It was better than I imagined.

Let’s give a little background information so we have a clearer image of what this story’s about. Vassar, overachieving, stuck-up, girl with equally overachieving parents, was sent off to Southeast Asia (with one of them being MALAYSIA <3) due to some secretive blackmailing over the phone from her Grandma directed towards her parents in order to convince them to let their little precious daughter go. What follows are hilarious, barely plausible hijinks involving her meeting a Malaysian cowboy, the appearance of Durian, and staying overnight at an opium den.

Must I repeat myself? Malaysian cowboy, durian, and an opium den!!! All rolled in one!! It’s so beautiful, I can cry. I need no other reason to read a book that this.
In which I analyze the main characters, revealing tidbits of spoilers. Nothing life-threatening though.Collapse )

::EDIT::Found another novel that has the setting in Malaysia at one period of time within the novel: Certainty by Madeline Thien, which I'm planning on promptly buying tomorrow, or more accurately, later on in the day, since it's too late in the night. Will probably post a review sometime this February.

Ciel [userpic]

Crossraods - Prologue

January 31st, 2008 (09:43 pm)
current mood: accomplished
current song: Know My Name - Blake Lewis Fest. Lupe Fiasco

Title: Crossroads - Prologue
Words: 572
Series: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Summary: Post-DH. Rose Granger-Weasley through her years in Hogwarts. One, Two, Seven... What does it take to meet that person halfway?
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
Pairing: Scorpius/Rose.
Warning: Omnipresent narrator? Well, for now anyhow. Fic shall be x-posted everywhere.
Note: Tell me what you think? XD I love feedback.

Crossroads - PrologueCollapse )

Ciel [userpic]

Yes, I am alive.

January 31st, 2008 (09:18 pm)

I know I haven't posted in ages... Life's a bitch. That and school. But now, First Semester is over, and I thought I'd give a brief update and my slow revamping of this blog.

First off, one of the main reasons why I haven't posted in so long was that I've been struggling insanely with my two previously WIP but now officially on permanent hiatus, and soon to by taken off (The Grand Estate and Shadows of Our Fathers). For The Grand Estate, it was too similar to the original story for my taste, and the last thing I want to write is a cheap copy of the original. However, I couldn't let go of the idea of the cast being of nobility, and so I fashioned a new story, untitled at the moment, with roughly 900 words. Unfortunately, I lost my Word Document of it and while I do have it in written form, I'm still moping about losing my document file. Hopefully I'll get it posted sometime within these next few weeks though.

For Shadows of Our Fathers, I couldn't string the stories between Rose, Scorpius, and Albus properly together. Everytime I tried, everything just became a big mess. Don't get me wrong, their lives are connected, but they have different goals and outlooks in life, and the story was becoming this huge mess of a thing I started to hate. And so, I decided to backtrack, and start from the drawing board once more. After I debated with myself a little, I decided to stick to Rose's story, as I see alot of Hermione-lookalikes in red hair in the current 3gen fandom and I really, really wanted to do something different. Once decided, everything came out easily enough, and I have to prologue ready! Which will be uploaded in a few hours, for those who are interested. And I have the main couple down for this series, which will be revealed with the uploaded prologue. XD The new story is called 'Crossroads', and I do hope people will like it. I feel so productive.

So I'll be focusing on these two WIP. My PGE/IY x-over is on hiatus at the moment, as I want to get my new projects up and going before focusing on that one. I'm afraid TakenagaxKagome isn't a natural pairing for me, so I'll have to work extra hard to make it convincing. No sense doing a shoddy job about it, you know.

My entries for 30 originals will be henceforth f-locked. If you really want to read it, just comment or something. XD

I will be posting much more rants and reviews, and all around general fangirl-esque entries in the future. In fact, I have a book review ready and will be posting that today.

And at Tiff, in case you're reading this, if, you know, you're ever not busy or killing yourself over Calc&Vec, I would totally love it if you made a layout for me. You know I'm an idiot at all this coding and photoshop stuff. No pressure or anything though. XD

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Quiz - Patronus

August 12th, 2007 (02:49 am)

What Form Would Your Patronus Take? (With 10 Excellent Results & Pictures)

Your Patronus would be a Hydra!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
I did this quiz a billion times and it always says that my patronus is a Hydra. *shrugs* Oh well~ Hydras are cool. XD

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[Translation] Twinkle Stars - Ch. 1

June 17th, 2007 (03:58 pm)

Here are the translations to Takaya Natsuki's (creator of Fruits Basket) new work, translated from the french translations at http://subafuruba.com . Enjoy~

Twinkle Stars - Ch.1Collapse )

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Sagrada Familia > All

April 18th, 2007 (10:58 pm)

... It is decided. I absolutely REFUSE to die before the Sagrada Familia is finished being built. I don't care if I have to wait 20, 30 or even 50 years... I'll wait until my very last breath to see it finished. Yeah, it's worth seeing that much. <3

Ciel [userpic]

PGE Fanfic - The Grand Estate: Chapter 1

March 27th, 2007 (11:23 am)

Title: The Grand Estate, Chapter 1
Words: 755
Series: Perfect Girl Evolution a.k.a. The Wallflower a.k.a. whatever you wanna call it
Rating: PG (lol, the rating's going up already!) Rated for a single swear word.
Summary: AU. The Grand Estate. Reputed to host the most beautiful nobles in the world... And the story starts at the turn of the new century, where the true legend begins.
Disclaimer: I don't own Perfect Girl Evolution. If I did, Takenaga and Noi would get wayyyy more screening time, Kyohei and Sunako would be together by now, and the whole series would turn until an unbelievable pile of mushy, fluffy romance. Which... would be very scary. x.x
Warning: Swearing? Thunderstorms? lol, don't really know, actually...
Note: At first I thought of jumping right into the romance and tea parties and social class dynamics stuff, but I kept turning the beginning over and over in my head and I just don't see how I can start this story without showing how they met. *sighs* Oh well... I don't mind exactly, but yeah... If you notice that the beginning is rather similar to the manga, I apologize, but I just couldn't start the story without this part. ^^;; Hopefully my descriptions were alright... *crosses fingers*

The Grand Estate, Chapter 1Collapse )

Endnote: ... Pretty boring start, I know. But hey! You can amuse yourselves by trying to figure out what class of nobility all the guys are in and why they're there.
XD At first, I was gonna list it out for y'all, but I figured that it'd be more fun for you guys to guess and for me to reveal the details bit by bit through my prose... XD Well, one has been given away already, so yeah...

btw, the noble classes are: Royalty, Duke, and Lord.